P.C.B. Phototool

Phototools are specifically designed for PCB imaging, with excellent resistance to soldermask attack for longer, high quality phototool life. Folex Diazo films are designed for producing same-size diazo phototools from a silver master.

Diazo Amber Clear

  • Densotrans HRP PCB Diazo Phototooling Polyester Film, single-side, clear, amber

Diazo Amber Matt

  • Densotrans HCEPCB Diazo Phototooling Polyester Film, single-side, semi-mat, amber
  • Densotrans HCPPCB Diazo Phototooling Polyester Film, single-side, semi-mat, amber

Films for Input Sytems

For manufacturing membrane switches, signs and labels, Folex offers finished polyester films that can be printed by screen printing or digitally. The portfolio encompasses both graphic overlay films with special surfaces and electrically conductive films, as well as customer-specific products.

We are also considered to be an innovation and technology leader in the future market of digitally printable films for membrane switches.

Clear Films

  • GO-CL VPPET, both sides ink receptive coating
  • GO-HCPET, scratch-resistant
  • GO-HC/ANPET, scratch-resistant, AN-coating
  • PC-HCPC, scratch-resistant

Anti Reflective Films

Matt Films

Textured Film

Special Products

Circuit Films